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Niche PEN-AUR-SAP-4-BL-120V-CP-5-BL-T9-30W-120V

Niche Modern Aurora 12" Dimmable Incandescent Pendant Light With Sapphire Glass Shade

Niche Modern Aurora 12" Dimmable Incandescent Pendant Light With Sapphire Glass Shade

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The Aurora pendant takes its name from the phenomenon seen in the northern and southern skies when charged particles perform a dance of light as they enter the earth’s magnetic field. One of the original Niche designs, the Aurora features the signature inward curvature that perfectly showcases the nostalgic style bulb.

Conjuring the awe of the Northern Lights, the Aurora pendant’s distinctive shape captures the craftsmanship and artistry of hand-blown glass. The uniqueness of this masterpiece is made from hand that comes from years of experienced craftsmanship.

Niche has been creating luxurious handmade modern pendant lighting for over a decade for residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. Every pendant we make combines today's technology with the beauty of traditional glass blowing, creating timeless pieces designed to illuminate your most special moments.

Make your interior shine with this light fixture that blends in seamlessly with your decor. Available in 6 colors.

What's Included

1 x 5" Black Ceiling Canopy w/ Mounting Hardware 1 x Black 48" Cord (Hanging Support)
1 x Aurora Sapphire Glass Shade 1 x 30W Incandescent Bulb 120V


  • Hand-blown glass shade
  • Sloped ceiling compatible
  • Adjustable height
  • Dimmable light
  • Made in USA


    General Product Details

    Brand Niche
    Collection Aurora
    Style / Theme Modern
    Shade Material Glass
    Shade Color Sapphire
    Outdoor / Indoor Indoor

    Technical Details

    Dimensions 11.5" W x 6" H
    Ceiling Canopy Diameter 5"
    Hanging Support Cord Length 48"
    Hanging Support Cord Voltage 120V
    Bulb Type Incandescent 
    Bulb Wattage 30W
    Bulb Socket E26
    Bulb Lumens 130lm
    Bulb Kelvin 2700K
    Bulb Voltage 120V

    Technical Drawings


    Below mentioned certifications are available upon request. Please contact our Lamps Depot team via call or chat to confirm your required certifications.

    UL Listed

    UL Listing means that UL has tested representative samples of a product and determined that the product meets specific, defined requirements. These requirements are often based on UL's published and nationally recognized Standards for Safety.

    cUL Certification

    In simple terms, the UL label in the USA and cUL label in Canada on electrical products indicate that the products have been designed, built, and tested to be in accordance with safety standards for those respective countries by Underwriter Laboratories.

    CE Certification

    CE marking indicates that a product has been assessed by the manufacturer and deemed to meet EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements. It is required for products manufactured anywhere in the world that are then marketed in the EU.


    The Niche warranty policy includes glass shade, cord set, and canopy. Niche warrants that its products will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for one year after the date of purchase. Niche reserves the right to inspect the damaged product. The purchaser must make a claim to Niche within five business days of occurrence. Niche will decide at its discretion if the item will be replaced or reimbursed. To keep this warranty in effect, the product must have been handled and used as prescribed. This warranty does not cover any damage due to accident, misuse, abuse, or negligence. Niche is not obligated to pay any chargeback for labor or other costs incurred.

    Our warranty does extend to Niche supplied LED boards and LED light bulbs and their associated components provided the piece is proven to be defective in material or workmanship within one year of original purchase.

    This warranty does not apply to incandescent light bulbs that are included in your pendant. These products are not manufactured by Niche and are supplied by Niche with all lamp purchases solely as an accommodation.

    Documents & Files


    About Niche

    Niche is built upon the belief in lighting’s ability to communicate and illuminate a sense of place, occasion, and inspiration. Here there is respect, even reverence for all things handmade and crafted using time-honored techniques. In the age of the loudly impersonal, we remain resolutely committed to the quiet intimacy of hand-made objects informed by a vision that seeks to add grace and warmth to a diverse realm of environments.

    Niche came into being somewhat by accident in 2003, when the Creative Director, Jeremy Pyles, was unable to find the proper modern lighting for his homewares store in New York City’s East Village.

    Pyles teamed up with a glass-blower to create three pendants to light the front of the Niche store. The lights were not for sale, but the fixtures that hung in the storefront's window made a grand statement — so much so that they soon became Niche's best-selling item. From this, a new business was born.

    For over a decade, Niche has established a signature collection of stunning modern lighting products by joining together contrasting elements, simple lines, and gorgeous colors. Niche is a small company committed to bringing the most luxurious modern lighting to consumers, designers, and architects across the globe.

    Niche offers over twenty different pendant shapes, ranging from the simplicity of an orb to more angular and geometric configurations. Niche also offers an array of luxurious glass colors by melting the most pristine raw materials to make the highest quality transparent glass lighting.

    Every Niche product is handmade by a team of experienced and talented glass artisans. At Niche, each silhouette begins with a sketch from Pyles. Every detail is carefully thought out by Niche's team of designers, glass artists, and technicians at the Beacon, New York studio. After the pendants are hand-blown in the state-of-the-art Hot Shop, they are inspected, cut, drilled, ground, and polished by hand in the Cold Shop to ensure Niche's standard of excellence.

    When you purchase from Niche, you can be certain that it is made with quality, precision, and love every step of the way. Niche believes in authentic and original design and is proud to be carrying on the tradition of glass-blowing within the community.

    Quality Colors & Materials

    Niche's team strives to produce a rich palette of bold and luxurious glass colors. Everything is melted to the most pristine raw materials to make the most consistent and highest quality transparent glass and when the colors are added, it comes from the best sources in the world. Niche is constantly perfecting the color range to give you the most beautiful glass possible.

    Inspection & Approval

    High quality and an equally high level of service go hand in hand with every Niche glass piece that is shipped. Although each piece is unique, Niche strives to maintain the specifications of the initial design and ensure each piece meets the standard of excellence. Prior to shipping, Niche's trained staff thoroughly inspects each order to make sure you have everything you need to install your new lighting.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    General Questions

    Are colors on the website accurate?All efforts have been made to accurately photograph the finishes and colors of products. Slight variances can sometimes occur between the picture, the product, and your computer screen. Please also note that each item is handblown and slight variations may occur.
    Are your pendants damp or IP rated? While our fixtures are not damp or IP rated, we do have clients who have installed Niche pendants in their bathrooms. We recommend that you first check with your electrician before specifying.

    While our fixtures are not rated according to the IP system, they can be UL listed. The sockets in our glass pendants are protected against dust ingress by the light bulb when it is installed, but there is no mechanism to protect against water intrusion should a spray be directed towards the fixture.

    What are Niche's cleaning instructions?

    GLASS: Please use care when handling and cleaning your glass shades. The glass can be cleaned by wiping it with a soft damp cloth. Apply glass cleaner to the cloth rather than directly onto the fixture. Although we don’t recommend any specific brand of glass cleaner, it may help to use a dry soft cloth afterward to remove any leftover streaks.

    METAL: Clean metal with a damp microfiber cloth and wipe gently. We do not recommend using any commercial or heavy-duty cleaner or polish that may damage the finish. This includes abrasives, alcohol, solvent, or wax.

    *For safety reasons, please make sure the power supply is turned off to any fixture when being cleaned.


    What if I need help with bulb troubleshooting?

    All Niche pendants are shipped with a complimentary incandescent light bulb to use with your pendants. If you are having issues with this courtesy bulb, please see below.

    If your bulb has burned out immediately or is flickering, we advise you to consult with an electrician to rule out any wiring issues. If your pendant is installed on a dimmer, the dimmer system may impact the lifespan of the incandescent bulb. We recommend purchasing LED bulbs through Niche as they are lower wattage and a longer lifespan.

    Please note that these bulbs are not covered under our Niche Warranty Policy. Niche is unable to troubleshoot electrical wiring issues.

    Pendants require standard medium-based E26 bulbs which can be found online or at any local store that supplies light bulbs. You can order new bulbs directly through Niche, but these will require a fee.

    Are pendants bright enough to use alone?

    Niche pendants are best used as accent lamping to provide a warm, intimate glow. It is recommended to install alternative lighting for functionality.

    Can I use a higher wattage bulb in my Niche pendant?

    Niche's pendants and chandeliers are designed to be used with the bulbs that Niche provides, but each fixture is wired to fit medium-based threaded A-Type bulbs.  In most cases, It's not able to provide substitutions for higher wattage bulbs, but you are certainly able to try a different bulb sourced elsewhere!  If the bulb you would like to use is under 100 watts, fits within the glass, and uses the standard threaded bulb socket, the bulbs should work fine without any problem. 

    Can LED and CFL bulbs be used in the pendants instead?

    Of course! Niche offers alternative LED options for every pendant.

    How long do bulbs last?

    Incandescent bulbs last between 1,500 - 3,000 hours. LED bulbs last 25,000 hours or about 3 years. To make your bulb last longer, It's recommended to use a dimmer with incandescent and compatible LED bulbs.

    What is the difference between incandescent and LED bulbs?

    Incandescent bulbs provide a soft, warm amber glow, showcasing a vintage filament style. LED bulbs give off a brighter white light and tend to last about 25x longer while using a fraction of the energy.

    What is the maximum wattage bulb I can use?

    Niche's pendants are wired with 120V/E26 sockets that fit medium-based threaded bulbs. The maximum wattage for each pendant is 100 watts with the exception of the Minaret, which has a maximum of 60 watts.


    Are Niche pendants CE Listed?

    While our lights are not CE listed, they are UL listed for the US. 

    Can pendants be installed on dimmers?All Niche pendants with incandescent bulbs (included with purchase) can be installed on dimmers. Our LED bulbs are compatible with most Lutron or Leviton dimmers. 
    Does each pendant need an individual junction box?Yes. If you are installing single pendants into your ceiling, each pendant requires its own junction box.
    What is a canopy?A ceiling canopy is a round metal plate that covers the junction box in the ceiling for a single pendant. A 5” round canopy is included in your pendant purchase.
    What is a cord set?

    A cord set is the main electrical component of a Niche light pendant.

    The cord set is composed of an electrical socket and electrical cable. These flexible SVT cord sets include a socket and a ring that tightens to hold your glass shade in place. Cord sets are available in both 120 volt and 240 volt options, as well as black and silver metal finishes in varying cord lengths.

    What is a junction box?

    The junction box, or electrical box, is where the electrical wires originate from. The junction box is where you will connect the wires to the cord set and where the ceiling canopy will attach to support the light. The junction box does not come with the pendant and must be purchased separately.

    What voltage do I need?

    Orders based in the U.S. will need 120v settings. However, overseas orders may need 240v options. Please double check that your hardware is the correct voltage before purchasing.

    What’s the difference between voltage, wattage, and lumens?


    Voltage measures the output of electrical current. The greater the voltage, the greater the flow of electrical current.


    Lumens is a unit of measurement for brightness. The higher the lumens, the brighter the bulb.


    Wattage measures energy use, not light output. With new energy-efficient LED technology, Niche can no longer rely upon wattage to indicate how bright a bulb is. Wattage should never exceed the limits of the cord set for safety reasons. Lamping in our standard cord sets should not exceed 100 watts. For glass holder cord sets, included standard in our Minaret pendants, lamping should not exceed 60 watts.


    Can cord set lengths be adjusted? Do you have other lengths/colors available?

    Cord sets are adjustable on-site. A 4’ black cord set is included in each pendant purchase, which is perfect for a standard ceiling height. However, if you have high ceilings, consider purchasing a 12’ or 24’ cord set. These can be cut to your desired length. Cord sets are available in black and silver metal finishes and 120v or 240v options.

    Can I install my pendant on a beam or on a sloped ceiling?

    Pendants can be installed on beams and sloped ceilings.

    Can I install Niche lighting fixtures for outdoor use? Are they wet/damp rated?

    Niche lighting fixtures are not suitable for outdoor use and are not damp rated. We recommend Niche fixtures for indoor use and as ambient lighting to be used with other lighting sources for optimal function.

    How do I install my fixture?

    Installing your Niche pendant is pretty straightforward, but we strongly suggest that you work with a certified electrician to ensure proper safety and installation.

    What are your cord lengths in meters?

    Standard conversion rate: 1’ = 0.31m

    4’ = 1.22m

    12’ = 3.66m

    24’ = 7.32m

    What is the recommended height for pendants and chandeliers over counters and tables?

    Generally, light fixtures hang 28-32” above a tabletop and 30-40” above a countertop.


    What is included with my pendant purchase?

    Each pendant comes with a standard incandescent bulb, 4’ black cord set, and a 5” black ceiling canopy. Alternative LED bulbs, cord set lengths and finishes, and canopy metal finish options are available for an upcharge.

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